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NEW SESSION: April 23 - June 16

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Classes are offered in 8-week sessions. To attend classes, visit the Shop.

For private sessions, contact Alexandra directly.

Classes are offered in 8-week sessions. To attend classes, visit the Shop and purchase a pass.

Come practice with me!

I've been teaching Yoga in Toronto and on the South Shore of Nova Scotia since 2000. My classes weave playful reverence with yoga philosophy, postures and breath work, designed to meet you where you are. I welcome practitioners of all levels, encouraging them to move authentically on the mat.

I received extensive training in traditional Thai massage in 1999-2000. For the recipient, TTM feels very much like doing yoga, except instead of doing the poses yourself, you are being gently moved and guided into a series of stretches while reclining. TTM is helpful for people with very tight muscles, mobility issues, or loss of balance. It's also a great treat for anyone who wants a little self-care and pampering!

I hope to see you on the mat soon.



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A 57-minute FlowYoga class with Alexandra.
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Yoga classes recorded in Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, and Palm Springs. Travel vicariously!

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