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FlowYoga Classes in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

What Is Flowyoga?

Flowyoga is a blend of traditional and modern yoga. It is rooted in the ancient system of Tantra, which aims to awaken the Kundalini, balance the chakras, and transform physical energy into meditative energy. Through meditation, we find the stillness that reveals the truth of this oneness.

Flowyoga encourages graceful, expressive movements, which reflect the subtle sensations that arise when moving energy through the body. Transitions from posture to posture are smooth and continuous, like a dance. Attaining extreme postures is not the aim of this yoga practice. The aim is to feel your body, centre your awareness, and relax fully into the moment.

Flowyoga was developed by Kaila Kukla in 1990.


“…the Chakra workshop classes were a life-changing experience. Thanks for all the amazing yoga classes… I find myself back in Halifax with lots of yoga studio options, but nothing quite compares to your amazing classes. I’m sure I’ll be back again in the future!”
K.W., Halifax

changes in pain

“Yoga with Alexandra has given me movement that I’d lost. As a person living with arthritis, I’ve seen significant changes in pain management, overall comfort, and an improved musculature. For anyone with arthritis issues, FlowYoga is the way to go.”
–A.F., Mahone Bay

What Is Chair Yoga?

  • One-hour class, mostly seated in a chair
  • Emphasis on de-stressing, breathing & gentle postures
  • Exercises for mind-body connection as a tool for healing & relaxation
  • Easy stretches & fluid movements
  • Allowances for people to go at their own pace and rest in between poses


“My sister… loves your yoga classes and she has given me [the mat splash] previously as a gift. I started using it for my daughter’s hockey equipment and it is amazing… way better than the chemical odour sprays that are available in sports stores, and it really works.”
E.B., Toronto

body and mind

“Alexandra’s calm, measured approach creates a wonderful rhythm like waves gliding across the sand, that draws my spirit to be fully present in–and aware of–my body and my mind.”
–M.V., Lunenburg

“I have a shelf full of yoga DVDs, but this is the only one I actually use!” –E.B., Lunenburg

FlowYoga Video

Watch the 2-minute trailer of Alexandra’s FlowYoga video, above, see the 8-minute sample below, or click here to purchase and download the entire 57-minute video. Let Alexandra be your guide as you continue your practice in the comfort of your own home, according to your schedule.