Alexandra Nedergaard has been teaching FlowYoga, a meditative blend of traditional and modern yoga, both in Toronto and Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, since 2000.

Alex Nedergaard bio

Alexandra Nedergaard

Since completing my Flowyoga teacher training in Toronto with Kaila Kukla in 2000, I have been blessed to share this practice on a weekly basis with a dedicated and enthusiastic group of students. Over the years I have added other styles of yoga to my teaching, offering a unique and varied blend of classes for everyone to enjoy no matter where they are in their life or yogic journey. As ever, I am humbled and awed by the impact yoga has made in their lives, as well as mine.

Lots has changed since my first Flowyoga class with Kaila. I got married, moved across the country, bought a home, and became a mother twice over. Yoga has sustained me through rewards and challenges, keeping me balanced and strong. This amazing journey has been a constant practice of discovery, surrender, acceptance, and mystery. I am honoured to be sharing all my yoga classes with you!

FlowYoga DVD

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