Belly Chakra (Swadhisthana)

belly chakra symbol
The belly, or sacral, chakra is known in Sanskrit as Swadhisthana.

This Chakra is concerned with sensuality, sensory pleasure, survival of the species and our desire to merge with others.

Located in the lower abdomen and genitals, its element is water and its function is sexuality, procreation, change, movement and elimination. The body parts linked with this Chakra are reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system and adrenal glands. The colour of this Chakra is orange and its sense is taste.

The key function of this Chakra is to transmute primal, creative, sexual energy through the nervous system into higher vibrations of spiritual energy. This sexual energy creates an elemental pressure providing the raw fuel for awakening our higher Chakras.

Emotionally, this Chakra refers to our pre-sexual and sexual desires for intimacy. The primal element is water and its no wonder that our emotions can sometimes feel as if they are ‘flowing’ out of us. The practice of Kundalini, focusing our breath, asanas (postures), meditation and concentrating on the upward channeling of this energy are some ways in which we harness this chakra to awaken into our higher Chakras centres.

When balanced and allowed to flow this creative energy will act to reshape our lives and help us cope with day to day events and provide creative solutions to physical, mental and spiritual issues. It is here in this second chakra that we learn that we cannot control the physical world, but we can master our inner responses to the external world through our thoughts and emotions.


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