FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real As we approach the Autumn Equinox and enter into the darkest time of the year, our shadow side yearns for the validation that only fear can deliver. It would seem that this is a necessary and natural reaction to the cycles of our lives and the rhythm of the Earth. […]

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Living Yoga

My relationship with yoga all began in August of 1999. I was living on my own in Toronto and working as a Marketing Manager at a high tech company. Two months earlier I had just met Bill, the man of my dreams while visiting NYC for a long weekend with a friend. Bill had just

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Summer 2010: Resistance

There’s a universal phenomenon that occurs for most practitioners at some point in their yogic journey where they eventually encounter resistance. This can manifest physically while in various asanas. But it can just as easily show up in our thought processes while doing yoga, driving, or making dinner, or even while we are engaged in

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