Heart Chakra (Anahata)


The Anahata (heart) Chakra is actually not represented by our biological heart but is situated in the spinal column behind of the inner wall at the centre of the chest. Its element is Air and its function is balance, openness, giving/receiving, breath and sense of touch. It relates physically to the heart, lungs, thymus glands, arms and hands and emotionally to compassion, love, peace, grace, joy and acceptance.

Unlike the first three Chakras that are influenced by Samskara (the subtle impressions of our past actions) the heart Chakra is beyond this and our history or karma. Anahata allows us to have faith in the power of your own will, becoming hopeful, optimistic and at peace with yourself, with others and the world at large. One thought emerges resolutely – “the whole world is in me and I am in everyone”. This attitude gives way for the kundalini to rise further, shine forth and pierce through the higher Chakras.

When Anahata is awakened it opens you up to unconditional love and spiritual compassion. Understanding that love does not involve bargaining and is free of expectations. It inspires artistic, poetic or musical expression and sensitivity to the feelings of others. Activating this Chakra helps us develop non-attachment in a world beyond the duality of good vs. bad, liberating the mind and becoming relaxed, free and at peace.

This Chakra is the guiding heart light that shows the third Chakra how to burn raw energy in loving ways, the second Chakra how to manifest its sexual energy through the transmutation of love and the first Chakra how to give as well as receive and to merge the physical with the spiritual.

The Anahata Chakra is equal distance from the first (root) and the seventh (crown) Chakras – between Heaven and Earth. It is the center point of the primary emotional energy of the universe, which is LOVE. By balancing the higher and lower Chakras we discover they are all of equal importance on our path to serenity.

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