Mat Splash


All natural and pure yoga mat spray to revive your senses and refresh your mat. Also makes an ideal linen spray or face & body spritz. Multiple uses all in one soothing bottle. Contains purified water, vinegar, liquid soap nuts and a blend of essential oils.

There are three different types of Mat Splash to choose from:

Fire: contains essential oils of tangerine (soothes nervous system), spearmint (cools/calms), and peppermint (digestion).

Air: contains essential oils of Cedarwood (eases nervous tension and stress, grounding), lemon (improves circulation), and lavender (soothing/calming).

Water: contains essential oils of sweet orange (brightens, fights cellulite), ginger (warming, heart-opening), and bergamot (equalizes emotions).

Pricing: $10.00 – 8 oz bottle

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