Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)


Located in the space between our navel to the solar plexus (core) its element is fire and its function is willpower, action and where the ‘flight or fight’ instinct resides. The body parts it correlates with are the pancreas, small intestines, digestive system, liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen and metabolism.

The Solar Plexus represent our internal sun produced by the oxidation or burning of food that takes place in this region of the body as well as transforming the qualities of the first two Chakras into action, energy and power. Its chief operating force is combustion, releasing energy and manifesting our dreams and desires into the world, bringing a sense of logic, planning and gratification to our needs and urges. Our mind meets the emotions emerging from the passivity of the lower two Chakras to take conscious, deliberate action.

When properly regulated, the fire of this Chakra allows us to be healthy, digest our food properly and regulate our adrenal glands, which can act as an instant surge of power when we become frightened or angry. When we have nowhere to channel this force it can become static and useless. When used positively the fire flows upward illuminating the higher Chakras. If we are not grounded (1st chakra) and in touch with our bodies, our passions and pleasures (2nd chakra) then we have no fuel for this fire. Honouring and balancing the foundational support of the first two Chakras with some awareness, self-care and self-love creates the building blocks of support and security from which to expand and breath, providing air to activate the radiant fire in the 3rd Chakra to move upwards.

Just like the heat and power from the Sun that radiates energy to the planets, the Manipura radiates and distributes pranic energy, regulating and energizing the organs, systems and activities of the body.

As we move through these first three Chakras and transcend them, we are able to visualize the infinite state of consciousness endlessly stretching out before us, full of beauty, truth and love.

Standing Squat (Chair Pose)

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